A recent business trip to San Juan clarified the need for me to Zip with you right now. I carried my 200 page manuscript wherever I went, scribbling here and there. We got to talking about it (almost everyone I bumped into) and before I knew it… I had a dozen more Slice-of-Love Stories and corresponding lessons.

I went to San Juan filled with self-centered fear. The night before we left, I announced to Chuck and Charlie, “I have something to tell you both.” My eyes were bulging and I was weary from weeks of writing. They looked a bit alarmed and stood at attention. I continued, “There’s a thin line between an author and a crazy person. I’m not sure which I am, but I’ll keep you posted.” They exhaled and seemed relieved that I was only maybe crazy and not leaving them for a year-long meditation on the island of Fiji.

And so off I went to San Juan, where I swam in self-doubt about our flight plan and questioned my sanity. I pondered the, “Crazy person versus author” debate and realized that being crazy would probably be a lot easier on my loved ones.

While in San Juan, I continued to be an off-the-air radio show host and answered the usual questions about the end of a marriage, the beginning of college, aging parents and nursery school children. At least once a day I quoted the five lines of the one-sentence prayer that’s central to my ZipLine Life. I wrote it out many times for various people and gave away my last copy of Bruce Wilkinson’s book, The Prayer of Jabez (which I highly recommend).

I was driven home from the airport by the most delightful Mary I’d ever met. We talked about love and life and, of course, the manuscript I was scribbling on. By the end of the ride, I’d suggested that she return to school for Social Work and she gave me her e-mail for upcoming details about the book. Before we met, Mary had doubted her future as a helper and I had doubted my new-found ZipLine life. Together we seemed to transcend our insecurities and clarify the need to make a difference right now.