I’m inviting you to Zip with me now because one thing I know for sure, after years of counseling people, is that we all want to do better. Maya Angelou reminded us, “When we know better, we do better.” On the ZipLine, you’ll know better… and do better. When you do better, your relationships do better. When your relationships do better, you do better in the world, and our world does better. These ripples of goodness move along the ZipLine… from kitchen to kitchen and reach every shore. Like seeds of good karma carried by  a flock of doves, goodness  unfolds and prevails… from individual to family… to neighborhood to community…and to the world. It’s an upward and unending spiral of good intentions, good feelings, good deeds and good karma.

You’ll learn to use everyday situations as a springboard to connect to your higher Self and a ZipLine of Love. I’ll show you how to reframe your stories, past, present and future, through a filter of love. You’ll be grounded in Love Lessons (100 and counting) and held in Slice-of-Love Stories (an endless supply). This love-lined scaffolding will raise us up together and hold us on a ZipLine of Love. Let’s raise our glasses, and ourselves.