I thought our online relationship could wait until “the book” is published, but apparently not. Too many of you have been asking for our flight plan and itinerary so I decided to take off earlier than scheduled… online. Besides, this is much more fun and exciting than pounding the cyber-pavement with a lengthy manuscript. (Though I’m not sure I could take this cyber-leap if I weren’t tethered to our ZipLine.) When I was going the hard-copy route, Lucy asked that I use only recycled paper. Well, I’ve gone one step further and eliminated the paper completely! Funny how the universe intervenes for our highest healing good! And let’s not forget about the food. How I ever thought that this idea wouldn’t become about food is a mystery to me. In our big Italian family (BBIF), everything’s about food.

Now that our babies are grown, my parents have passed and our rescue dogs have adjusted, it’s time for me to answer the call that I asked God to deliver: “Enlarge my territory.” And he did. I got my marching orders, secured a domain name, chose a visual and started typing with the same hat but from a different chair: The one God gave me. I’m just following the leader: To help others Zip and connect to a ZipLine of Love. (We do have two rescue dogs and a tempermental fig tree we’ve raised since it was one inch tall, but they seem to be doing fine. I’ll keep you posted.)