I’ve always wanted to be a Super-Hero but don’t like heights and am a bit of a home-body. As your ZipLine Lady, I can make a difference from my kitchen table. When I do hit the road, Chatty Cathys and Chatty Craigs pose “hypothetical” questions and prod me for answers. After years of offering parenting classes and counseling, I’m more than happy to oblige. I’ve been accused of, “Giving away the store,” because I thrive on chats about life, love and transition. I feel like I’ve been running an off-the-air radio show for years. I’m definitely not giving away the store because while I try to give more than I take, the opposite is always true. I walk away from every conversation with a giggle in my heart, a bounce in my step and more gratitude than I can contain. I choose joy every time I talk to you, Linda, Bev, Alexis, Ellen, Terry, Dennis, Pat, John, Onur and Joan. I tell you my Slice-of-Love Stories and you tell me yours. I write life lessons as we go and connect them to our love stories because after all… love is always the answer.

When I’m not your ZipLine Lady in my red and white checked cape, I’m Jeanne Lightbody Quagliozzi Rollins (JLQR) or as Chuck lovingly teases, “JLQR Talk Radio: All Jeanne, all the time with no interruptions.” I’m a Marriage & Family Therapist, Life Coach, Parenting Consultant and Writer. I’m a New York State Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and long-standing member of AAMFT (American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists). I completed a BA in Economics from The College of Holy Cross; an MS in Family Counseling from Iona College; and a Post-Graduate Training Program at the Center for Family Learning in Rye Brook, NY.

When I graduated with a Masters in Counseling, Chuck asked, “Are you going to start analyzing me now?” “No,” I said, “I’m going to stop!” My counseling career began at the Mamaroneck United Methodist Church as a Pastoral Counselor, concentrating on Women’s Issues, Parenting Issues and Pre-Marital Counseling. I built a private practice and now consult and write from home. I have experience leading parenting groups in church, synagogue and school settings as well as discussions on more general family counseling principles. I’ve served on the Westchester Chapter of AAMFT and Community and Youth Council boards. My prior experience includes writing billboard headlines, marketing proposals and editing for a business magazine. But now I’m ZipLine Lady: Up, up and away.