Ideas are like children. I wrote this truism 30 years ago in a college essay but didn’t know what it really meant until this week. The conception and writing of “The book” went smoothly: I was pregnant with life and brimming with hope. Synchronicity revealed itself at every turn. I knew what to do and when to do it. I was connected to the ZipLine of Love that I wrote about. On the mornings of delivery, I didn’t even have to push. Flutter: A Practical Guide to a ZipLine of Love flowed out of me like a river, took form and began to breathe on her own. Of course, she needed to be fed and changed. I wrote for forty days and forty nights. That was the easy part.

With the first blessing comes the first responsibility. I felt like a new mother and recognized the first responsibility as mine. We’d raised three children before but never a book; and we’d launched three children but never a book. I could bring a book into the world but to help her find her place seemed over my head. I panicked. I became unsettled and disconnected from the very source that helped me bring her to fruition. The book got heavy and I became anxiously attached. I recognized myself as a worried mother rushing into one of my parenting groups desperately seeking assurance and approval for her child. I needed to re-group, re-balance and reconnect (Future Lesson: Red; Right; Return).

I felt like a sitting duck, or goose, carefully guarding her golden egg. This wasn’t working for me (or her) so I swiftly took our power back and connected to a ZipLine of Love. I went back to the beginning of the book and applied its lessons to its launching. It worked because ideas are like children and the book was written with families in mind. I applied each morsel of insight and wisdom to my relationship with Flutter. I faced prosperity, chose joy, gave thanks, welcomed my lessons, honored my teachers, continued to invest wisely and found peace.

I pulled back from my over-functioning role so that she could find her own way. Like Max’s mother in my Max-a-Million story (to come), I looked into my crystal ball and imagined what Flutter would be twenty years from now. And like Max’s mom, I exhaled into the words, “I feel better now.”

I was reminded of Chuck’s assuring words whenever he saw a babe in my arms and a furrow in my brow. “It’s not all up to you. They have their own higher power.” It’s true. I can birth, nurture and guide a child (or a book) but in the end it’s always up to Him.

I put the launching of Flutter aside for now to become your ZipLine Lady. I’ve never been good at waiting for love and I won’t be any better at waiting for a publisher. So instead of pushing and forcing whatever Flutter will be, or just sitting on my golden egg for years, I’m bringing the best of her to you. My hope is that we can raise her together. It takes a village to raise a child and, maybe, even a book.

Within days of launching this site, Julia Cancro surprised me with this book cover design. Wow. Thank you, Julia.
 I love it!