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The Fullness of an Empty Nest

(posted by Jeanne on 8-29-2012)

What I miss most about a full nest is the kitchen door swinging open mid-afternoon followed by that familiar seagull call, “Mom, Mom” floating through the house and settling around me. When our kids were Read more »

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Back to the Garden

(posted by Jeanne on 5-03-2012)

My garden grounds me. There. I said it. A truth that was obvious, it seems, to everybody but me. Last year Read more »

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Hold That Thought… the art of joyful distraction

(posted by Jeanne on 9-27-2011)

The first thing we should teach children in kindergarten is how to have a bad day. Or better yet, how to recognize that a bad moment or circumstance need not define an entire day. Most of us can recall when a ball-bouncing day deflated because of an inside thought or outside circumstance.

Last weekend while strolling in a little seaside hamlet Read more »

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Your Hour Has Come… Use it Well

(posted by Jeanne on 3-15-2011)

It’s bonus time. Not just for bankers but for those of us who thrive on light. I thought an extra hour of daylight couldn’t come soon enough and then… finally, it came wrapped with a bow. This year I vowed to thoughtfully make use of this Read more »

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Snake Story

(posted by Jeanne on 10-26-2010)

Light & Sweet:
And the snake reminded the man he’d just bit, “You knew what I was when you picked me up!” - The Young Man & the Snake Story

Slice of Love:

Snake Story…

Many people walk into my office feeling betrayed by a loved one or friend. Some have moved on from those who hurt them and others seek help and support as they end a “bad” relationship. Oftentimes, my client will tell story after story about one person with the same theme and varying content. It helps people to repeat their stories in order to understand what went wrong and determine what boundaries and distance to assert. Though this process has therapuetic value, the telling of these stories can become Read more »

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