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Hold That Thought… the art of joyful distraction

(posted by Jeanne on 9-27-2011)

The first thing we should teach children in kindergarten is how to have a bad day. Or better yet, how to recognize that a bad moment or circumstance need not define an entire day. Most of us can recall when a ball-bouncing day deflated because of an inside thought or outside circumstance.

Last weekend while strolling in a little seaside hamlet Read more »

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Joy Sentence Test

(posted by Jeanne on 5-23-2010)

I developed a technique called the “Joy Sentence Test,” to help in situations when joy is hard to recognize.

Joy Sentence Test
Take any troubling thought or sentence and shift your focus from the distressing part to the joy part: From net to wings. Actually or symbolically highlight the joy part and un-highlight the troubling part. If a joy part of the sentence doesn’t exist, Read more »

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