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Weeds or Wildflowers?

(posted by Jeanne on 5-22-2012)

I woke up one morning to a pile of rocks our landscaper had discarded alongside our driveway. Within minutes I set down my coffee and began to build a little wall to hold up my newly purchased garden ornament. A great sense of satisfaction came over me. I imagined Read more »

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Hold That Thought… the art of joyful distraction

(posted by Jeanne on 9-27-2011)

The first thing we should teach children in kindergarten is how to have a bad day. Or better yet, how to recognize that a bad moment or circumstance need not define an entire day. Most of us can recall when a ball-bouncing day deflated because of an inside thought or outside circumstance.

Last weekend while strolling in a little seaside hamlet Read more »

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6 Statements That Changed My Life… in the midst of a cancer diagnosis

(posted by Jeanne on 6-28-2011)

I recently spoke with a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. She seemed comforted and inspired by the following “distance regulating” statements that came to me in the weeks following my cancer diagnosis years ago. These words helped me and my loved ones to remain clear and confident in the midst of chaos. They flowed through me when Read more »

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Angels and Demons… in the News

(posted by Jeanne on 6-21-2011)

Today I visited an elderly relative who didn’t recognize me and mistakenly gossiped about me… to me. Ouch! I composed myself and changed the subject but not before Read more »

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Help:I Don’t Want to Be a Stage Mom!

(posted by Jeanne on 1-25-2011)

Kate asks… I’m upset about a situation that typically doesn’t bother me. I know parents who feel their kids are the best at everything, but I’m not usually one of them. Our daughter, Jenna, tried out for the 4th/5th grade play at school. She didn’t get a lead role and seemed perfectly happy being part of the ensemble. My husband and I think she should’ve gotten a better part and Read more »

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