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The Feedback Sandwich by Jeanne Rollins

(posted by Jeanne on 2-26-2013)

I thought I’d heard it all on the topic of entitlement but it seems I missed out (or shall I say our kids missed out) on what a colleague recently referred to as the “Feedback Sandwich.” While our kitchen was known for Read more »

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Are You My Mother? by Jeanne Rollins, Rye, NY

(posted by Jeanne on 7-22-2012)

I live in a community of mothers who double joy and divide grief as naturally as tending to a skinned knee. We look out for one another’s children because we are self-professed mothers at large. We join hands and apron strings to form safety nets around those who are most hurting. We try not to impose our Read more »

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Tiger Mom… to Be or Not to Be

(posted by Jeanne on 3-29-2011)

Robin asks… Sarah, our fourth grader, has been playing violin for almost 3 years. As she’s gotten better, it’s naturally gotten harder. She loves performing, but is asking more and more if she can quit. Your thoughts?

What a great question and perfectly timed topic just weeks after Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother hit the shelves. To be fair to the author and ultimate tiger mom, Amy Chua, I haven’t read the book because tiger mothers really scare me. Marching into battle isn’t something I willingly do. My parenting philosophy is based on Read more »

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Help:I Don’t Want to Be a Stage Mom!

(posted by Jeanne on 1-25-2011)

Kate asks… I’m upset about a situation that typically doesn’t bother me. I know parents who feel their kids are the best at everything, but I’m not usually one of them. Our daughter, Jenna, tried out for the 4th/5th grade play at school. She didn’t get a lead role and seemed perfectly happy being part of the ensemble. My husband and I think she should’ve gotten a better part and Read more »

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Get Out of Jail Free Cards

(posted by Jeanne on 1-25-2011)

Get Out of Jail Free Cards
As parents we only get a few passes to go into our child’s school with concerns and complaints while maintaining credibility. I think of these opportunities as ‘Get Out of Jail Free Cards’  to be used with discretion. Before we use one, Read more »

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