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A Simpler Life

(posted by Jeanne on 9-01-2010)

After settling our son in for his freshman year at college, I stepped back to admire his closet which thanks to the Container Store was “Just so.” I paused for a moment and said to Charlie, “I want my life to be this simple.” We both laughed as though I was completely joking. But I wasn’t. Read more »

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Starting Over: Like Golfers and Dogs

(posted by Jeanne on 7-14-2010)

I only golf a few times a year and when I do, it isn’t pretty. The best I could ever hope for is that I don’t ruin a good walk which is what I focused on last Friday.

I realized how analogous golf is to life as I trekked up and down hills, hit good shots and bad shots and noticed how good decisions can turn out bad while bad decisions can turn out good. I laughed at how confusing the terminology can be: Read more »

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