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Mother Love… and the Mending of a Broken Heart

(posted by Jeanne on 5-07-2011)

Last year I planned to return to my grandparents’ hometown in Italy with my aunt to celebrate Saint Lucy’s day. She asked if we would be staying in the same house because she was unsure of the language and I’d taken some lessons. “The same house,” I exclaimed, “I think we’ll be sleeping in the same bed!” If my mother was still alive I would have taken the trip with her or she would have gone with her sister. But as Aunt Toni and I admitted, we were an unlikely pair to make the trip together. Read more »

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I Got Your Back

(posted by Jeanne on 11-02-2010)

I Got Your Back…

When our son, Charlie, was on a sports team in high school, his coach gave a locker room talk that could have been a scene in a movie. Coach explained that he would miss practice the following day because he planned to drive 5 hours to say good-bye to a friend who was dying. He stressed that his message to the boys was Read more »

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Our Fathers Full of Grace

(posted by Jeanne on 6-16-2010)

From ZipLine Lady…

Hello and Good-bye

My father was the most peaceful man I’ve ever known. He used to tap his fingers gently on the table in a rhythmic and soothing way. I could barely hear it playing in the background of my busy-ness, but it was always there like a shamanic drum beat. He would lightly jingle ice at the bottom his glass. Read more »

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