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Traveling Pants

(posted by Jeanne on 11-17-2010)

Traveling Pants…

About a minute into my first pregnancy (or at least the announcement of it) clothes began arriving on my doorstep from friends and relatives eager to pass along their maternity clothes and fat jeans. Back then the styles resembled tents with the likes of smock dresses, “blouses” that fanned out indefinitely and expandable “slacks.” Not flattering, to say the least. The piles were neatly folded with good wishes and high hopes for Read more »

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Do-Good Feel-Good Spiral

(posted by Jeanne on 6-30-2010)

Do-Good Feel-Good Spiral
The more esteem-able things we do, the better we feel about ourselves and others, and in turn, the more esteem-able things we do. I refer to this as a “Do-Good Feel-Good Spiral.” It’s an upward and unending Read more »

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