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Light Workers

(posted by Jeanne on 2-07-2012)

A few months ago I had the pleasure of working alongside 7 other women to unpack a friend’s kitchen. I imagine that we were her “Table of eight:” The first hands women reach for in time of need. We formed an assembly line to unpack, wash, dry and put away everything from fine china to mixing bowls. I volunteered to wash and rinse since I find that job strangely calming. Like many mammas who came before us, we temporarily washed away larger problems by focusing on momentary solutions. Read more »

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The Walking Cure

(posted by Jeanne on 2-15-2011)

While many of us walk, ride and swim for a cure, it’s easy to forget how many ills are cured in the walking, riding and swimming. We tie sneakers, fill water bottles and hit the road to extend the lives of others. But what begins as a walking cure on behalf of those with a particular disease often becomes a Read more »

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Bullied on Twitter:Blogger-Mom Gets It

(posted by Jeanne on 11-10-2010)

I thought I got it… what it’s like to be bullied. I’ve read about it, written about it and joined hands with other mom-bloggers and professionals to raise awareness and create solutions. But the truth is: I didn’t get it… until last night when I really got it: Bullied on Twitter. Read more »

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I Got Your Back

(posted by Jeanne on 11-02-2010)

I Got Your Back…

When our son, Charlie, was on a sports team in high school, his coach gave a locker room talk that could have been a scene in a movie. Coach explained that he would miss practice the following day because he planned to drive 5 hours to say good-bye to a friend who was dying. He stressed that his message to the boys was Read more »

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Roasted Vegetable & Ricotta Pizza

(posted by Jeanne on 11-02-2010)

Every recipe has a story and this is mine. My childhood friend, Laura, posted a photo on facebook of her Roasted Vegetable & Ricotta Pizza. I wanted some, badly, and apparently so did dozens of other friends from around the world. Many of us weighed in and Tim enthusiastically listed the ingredients of his favorite pizza combo. I jumped at the chance to Read more »

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