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The Fullness of an Empty Nest

(posted by Jeanne on 8-29-2012)

What I miss most about a full nest is the kitchen door swinging open mid-afternoon followed by that familiar seagull call, “Mom, Mom” floating through the house and settling around me. When our kids were Read more »

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Top 10 Reasons Kids Come Home for the Holidays

(posted by Jeanne on 12-07-2010)

Topping the list of Reasons Kids Come Home for the Holidays was “Food, food and more food!” I’ll count that as one to make room for the stream of other reasons that together create something magical each year. As front doors swing open all over the world, young ones set down their burdens and exhale into that familiar feeling of … Comfort and Joy!

Top 10 Reasons Kids Come Home for the Holidays… Read more »

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