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Believing is Seeing …

(posted by Jeanne on 12-01-2011)

We believe because not to believe is like missing the parade. Some of us ask, “Why” when presented with an unlikely outcome or opportunity while others ask “Why not.” Some of us are raised with rose-colored glasses while others decide, somewhere along the way, to trade our black and white set in for a rosier pair.  And some people prefer to stay inside our carefully constructed houses of refute with shades drawn as endless possibilities and miracles march by.

A few weeks ago I was wondering around a mall in Florida when Read more »

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Our Late But White Christmas

(posted by Jeanne on 11-29-2011)

Ugh. We woke up with food poisoning early Christmas morning. We couldn’t get our heads off our pillows. Sugar plums were not dancing in our heads. Four out of five of us were ill. The “lucky one” worked that day so she wasn’t tooling around with us wherever we picked it up. My first thought was any Mamma in the kitchen’s nightmare… Read more »

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Double-Crumb Crumb Cake

(posted by Jeanne on 12-07-2010)

I’ve been making Loren’s Crumb Cake for years and, as always, adapted the recipe to suit my baking style and family’s palate. Since our family loves, loves, loves the crumbs, I use 1½ times the crumb mixture so it piles high and wide. I recently learned that Read more »

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