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The Greedy Giver by Jeanne Rollins

(posted by Jeanne on 2-13-2013)

Most of us associate greed with wanting and generosity with giving. I just recently (and reluctantly) recognized the insidious coexistence of both in the concept of greedy giving. Since I could find no definition for what seemed at first to be an oxymoron, I created my own: Greedy Giving - Excessive wanting to give. I’m guilty! Read more »

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6 Statements That Changed My Life… in the midst of a cancer diagnosis

(posted by Jeanne on 6-28-2011)

I recently spoke with a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. She seemed comforted and inspired by the following “distance regulating” statements that came to me in the weeks following my cancer diagnosis years ago. These words helped me and my loved ones to remain clear and confident in the midst of chaos. They flowed through me when Read more »

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Parent Trap: Peacekeepers Beware!

(posted by Jeanne on 1-11-2011)

If you’re a person who like me abhors conflict and thrives on calm then you probably do more than your fair share to keep the peace. It’s easy to do. I should know. I’ve been a willing participant for most of my life. I’ve come up with lessons and concepts to address the matter. Theoretically, I’m all over it but personally, well, that’s another story… Read more »

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Snake Story

(posted by Jeanne on 10-26-2010)

Light & Sweet:
And the snake reminded the man he’d just bit, “You knew what I was when you picked me up!” - The Young Man & the Snake Story

Slice of Love:

Snake Story…

Many people walk into my office feeling betrayed by a loved one or friend. Some have moved on from those who hurt them and others seek help and support as they end a “bad” relationship. Oftentimes, my client will tell story after story about one person with the same theme and varying content. It helps people to repeat their stories in order to understand what went wrong and determine what boundaries and distance to assert. Though this process has therapuetic value, the telling of these stories can become Read more »

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A Dear

(posted by Jeanne on 10-06-2010)

Light & Sweet:
That you think of me, and not what you think of me, is very much my business.
Slice of Love:
A Dear
Years ago I served on counseling board with another woman and four men. Lily and I felt a bit like “Girl Fridays” since the clerical work seemed to come our way. I was surprised one day to receive an envelope with a membership list to be photocopied. The post-it had a, “Be a dear” tone and note that read, Read more »

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