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Week 1: Just Ask

(posted by Jeanne on 9-28-2010)

Love Leap I:  Oh, that You would bless me indeed
Love Lift 1:  Just Ask

“Oh, that You would bless me indeed,” seems like a lot to ask. To request this blessing, first and foremost for ourselves is radical, and for some of us, almost impossible. It was for me. There was a time when I would’ve honestly said, “I’d rather die.” To recognize that it’s my turn, and always has been, changed my life more than any other single shift in perspective.

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Week 3: Give Thanks

(posted by Jeanne on 9-26-2010)

Love Leap 1: Oh, that you would bless me indeed.
Love Lift 3: Give Thanks

To accept a blessing and the joy it contains is to say, “Thank you” and to pass up a blessing is to say, “No thank you.” In order to embrace and release a blessing we first must acknowledge it. When we choose joy and give thanks we set off “Love Works” and activate a cord of karmic flow that connects today’s acts of love with tomorrow’s.  Read more »

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(posted by Jeanne on 8-18-2010)

Light & Sweet:
When we say “Yes” to the asking, we make room for others to say “Yes” to the giving.

Slice of Love:


I waited longer than advised to go for the treatment that fixed my blood. I was having trouble breathing because my red blood count was so low. I was not choosing joy. And then I did. Read more »

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