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The Greedy Giver by Jeanne Rollins

(posted by Jeanne on 2-13-2013)

Most of us associate greed with wanting and generosity with giving. I just recently (and reluctantly) recognized the insidious coexistence of both in the concept of greedy giving. Since I could find no definition for what seemed at first to be an oxymoron, I created my own: Greedy Giving - Excessive wanting to give. I’m guilty! Read more »


Ruby Tuesday (A Non-Valentine’s Day Story)

(posted by Jeanne on 2-06-2012)

Years ago on a cold winter night, my husband walked in and placed a beautifully wrapped gift on the table in front of me. “What’s this for?” I inquired, “Did I miss an occasion?” His answer changed our understanding of the days of the week… or at least one of them. He explained, “I bought this for you because… Read more »


The Problem with Assumptions

(posted by Jeanne on 8-03-2011)

Six weeks into our move we noticed that a generic answering machine had been turned on and fifteen messages had piled up, unanswered. They ranged in importance from the “tragic death of a relative” to “dinner at 7.” I was horrified at the thought of ignoring my callers. I wondered what they made of my silence and imagined that some probably made assumptions… that I was Read more »


The Little Things We Do For Love

(published in The Rye Record on 2/11/2011)

In our quest for sustainable farms, buildings, and overall living, we don’t talk much about sustainable love. When I’m asked what the key ingredient to a long and happy relationship is, the practicality of my answer – consistent investments – startles some people. As with any sustainable system, we need to Read more »

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Potato Salad

(posted by Jeanne on 9-29-2010)

Alice called me on Wednesday for an emergency consult regarding the upcoming funeral of her x-husband’s current wife. (You might want to read that again since I didn’t get it the first time she said it.) She was struggling with what role she would have, if any, at the service. Read more »

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