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UP: The Secret to Happy Kids

(posted by Jeanne on 7-20-2013)

If I had to choose between raising a happy child or a benevolent one, which would it be? Hmmm. The answer might be obvious to some parents but when raising children, Read more »

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The Feedback Sandwich by Jeanne Rollins

(posted by Jeanne on 2-26-2013)

I thought I’d heard it all on the topic of entitlement but it seems I missed out (or shall I say our kids missed out) on what a colleague recently referred to as the “Feedback Sandwich.” While our kitchen was known for Read more »


The Fullness of an Empty Nest

(posted by Jeanne on 8-29-2012)

What I miss most about a full nest is the kitchen door swinging open mid-afternoon followed by that familiar seagull call, “Mom, Mom” floating through the house and settling around me. When our kids were Read more »


Are You My Mother? by Jeanne Rollins, Rye, NY

(posted by Jeanne on 7-22-2012)

I live in a community of mothers who double joy and divide grief as naturally as tending to a skinned knee. We look out for one another’s children because we are self-professed mothers at large. We join hands and apron strings to form safety nets around those who are most hurting. We try not to impose our Read more »


Quest for the Best:Camp Rinky Dink May Be the Best Plan

(published in The Rye Record on 3-26-12)

In our quest for the best — nursery school, summer camp, teacher, or college, it’s easy to get caught in the “Gotta-Go Flow” and lose sight of what’s best for our children and family. The community anxiety around securing what’s best can create peer pressure difficult for any parent to resist. I’ve stood on many sidelines breaking into a cold sweat while Read more »

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