On Life

Weeds or Wildflowers?

(posted by Jeanne on 5-22-2012)

I woke up one morning to a pile of rocks our landscaper had discarded alongside our driveway. Within minutes I set down my coffee and began to build a little wall to hold up my newly purchased garden ornament. A great sense of satisfaction came over me. I imagined Read more »


Light Workers

(posted by Jeanne on 2-07-2012)

A few months ago I had the pleasure of working alongside 7 other women to unpack a friend’s kitchen. I imagine that we were her “Table of eight:” The first hands women reach for in time of need. We formed an assembly line to unpack, wash, dry and put away everything from fine china to mixing bowls. I volunteered to wash and rinse since I find that job strangely calming. Like many mammas who came before us, we temporarily washed away larger problems by focusing on momentary solutions. Read more »


Our Late But White Christmas

(posted by Jeanne on 11-29-2011)

Ugh. We woke up with food poisoning early Christmas morning. We couldn’t get our heads off our pillows. Sugar plums were not dancing in our heads. Four out of five of us were ill. The “lucky one” worked that day so she wasn’t tooling around with us wherever we picked it up. My first thought was any Mamma in the kitchen’s nightmare… Read more »


The Good Neighbor

(posted by Jeanne on 6-14-2011)

Last week I drove away from our family home for the last time and waved to its newest little resident standing at the edge of the driveway. I said a little prayer that the house and neighborhood would nurture her the way it had us… with a warm embrace. Through the rearview mirror, I watched the sun set on our children’s childhoods. I pulled over to take a longer look at the little neighborhood that for so many years surrounded our family with a big offering of love. Read more »


Beads… of sweat or comfort

(posted by Jeanne on 4-25-2011)

I’ve been worried for a long time. About what I really couldn’t say because most of what I worried about never came to be. I’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t borrow trouble,” but until recently Read more »