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The Rockwell Trap

(posted by Jeanne on 12-06-2012)

Now that visions of sugarplums and Norman Rockwell scenes are dancing in our heads, it’s not unusual for grown-ups to hold onto idealistic and specific images of holiday comfort and joy. Whether our parents succeeded in bringing painting-worthy traditions to fruition or failed miserably, many of us feel obliged to Read more »


The Upside of Downsizing

(published in The Rye Record on 5-25-12)

From the time I read Dickens’ Oliver Twist ask, “Please Sir, I want some more,” I’ve been fascinated with our human tendency to want more… and more.

It’s not unusual to trade up as our dreams unfold, families grow, and finances permit. Muchmore Road, in our neighboring Harrison, seems to epitomize the American dream, aptly named and impeccably lined with stately homes and rolling lawns. Read more »

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Summer Games: The Bells That Call Our Children Home

(posted by Jeanne on 7-12-2011)

I’ve come to regard the summer games we play as the bells that call our adult children home. This past July 4th weekend our family gathered with Read more »


Grandparent Swap… at Graduation

(posted by Jeanne on 5-24-2011)

Each year when my Peony blossoms pop so does my attitude. I feel a sense of impending celebration and our busy household never disappoints. When our kids were young this time of year promised field days, class trips and rainbow ceremonies. Over the years, the celebrations have escalated and last year our oldest daughter graduated from college. The day was more magical than I could’ve imagined with love in the air… much like a wedding.

I was pleasantly surprised at how  Read more »

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Traditions in Bloom

(published in The Rye Record on 4/27/2011)

Spring cleaning for me this year is compounded by the sale of our house. I’ve been sorting, purging, and struggling with what to hold onto and what to release.

The sight of our daffodils popping up was bittersweet, representing all that we nurtured here and what we must leave behind. It was the memories of weeding and planting with our children nearby that reminded me when it comes to traditions, we’ll continue to reap what we sowed … in our garden, at our checkered table, and everywhere between. Read more »

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