On Dogs

Cinderella Story

(posted by Jeanne on 10-08-2012)

Once upon a walk with our dog, Gracie, I noticed a couple stopped at a traffic light smiling and swooning over us. Since I wasn’t a 5-year-old girl in a party dress, I assumed it was Gracie they were taken with and I was right. They rolled down the window and asked an unlikely question, “Can we have your dog?” I surprised and delighted them with an even less likely answer, Read more »


Underdogs… and Why We Favor Them

(posted by Jeanne on 4-19-2011)

If every conflict embodies a lesson then what’s to be learned from two rescue dogs unable to live under the same roof? We’ve had Gracie for five years and Bella for two. Gracie immediately latched onto me and Bella to our daughter. The situation has gone from bad to worse and it’s become obvious that one must go. I’ve tossed and turned, cried and rationalized over which dog stays and which dog goes. Read more »

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My Dogs Are on Prozac… and Other Tail-Between-the-Legs Admissions

(posted by Jeanne on 4-05-2011)

There. I said it. My dogs are on Prozac. And there’s more. I hung a school mascot flag from our house and stuck a “For Sale” sign out front the day our youngest child left for college. I used to wonder what kind of people do these things? And now I know… Read more »


Starting Over: Like Golfers and Dogs

(posted by Jeanne on 7-14-2010)

I only golf a few times a year and when I do, it isn’t pretty. The best I could ever hope for is that I don’t ruin a good walk which is what I focused on last Friday.

I realized how analogous golf is to life as I trekked up and down hills, hit good shots and bad shots and noticed how good decisions can turn out bad while bad decisions can turn out good. I laughed at how confusing the terminology can be: Read more »

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Throw Him a Bone

(posted by Jeanne on 6-30-2010)

Throw Him a Bone

Only days into the adoption of our first rescue dog, I found myself explaining away her behavior which was neurotic, erratic and extremely annoying. I preempted our encounters with other people and dogs by saying, “She’s a rescue dog with a lot of issues, just so you know.” Read more »

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