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The Greedy Giver by Jeanne Rollins

(posted by Jeanne on 2-13-2013)

Most of us associate greed with wanting and generosity with giving. I just recently (and reluctantly) recognized the insidious coexistence of both in the concept of greedy giving. Since I could find no definition for what seemed at first to be an oxymoron, I created my own: Greedy Giving - Excessive wanting to give. I’m guilty! Read more »


“Just Do It” by Jeanne Rollins

(posted by Jeanne on 1-25-2013)

With the promise of spring in the air, my thoughts drift to the long-awaited ground hog and his shadow. The notion of waiting has always intrigued me, because I’ve never been very good at it. I pay close attention to the ways in which people wait or don’t to do what they Read more »

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Are You My Mother? by Jeanne Rollins, Rye, NY

(posted by Jeanne on 7-22-2012)

I live in a community of mothers who double joy and divide grief as naturally as tending to a skinned knee. We look out for one another’s children because we are self-professed mothers at large. We join hands and apron strings to form safety nets around those who are most hurting. We try not to impose our Read more »


Light Workers

(posted by Jeanne on 2-07-2012)

A few months ago I had the pleasure of working alongside 7 other women to unpack a friend’s kitchen. I imagine that we were her “Table of eight:” The first hands women reach for in time of need. We formed an assembly line to unpack, wash, dry and put away everything from fine china to mixing bowls. I volunteered to wash and rinse since I find that job strangely calming. Like many mammas who came before us, we temporarily washed away larger problems by focusing on momentary solutions. Read more »


Hope in a Hopeless World

(posted by Jeanne on 1-18-2012)

As we geared up for the Giants-Packers game last Sunday, I was reminded of the enormous sense of connection and community that sporting events provide. Amidst widespread social tension, grim economic forecasts, troubling international relations and an ailing environment, when game time approaches we put down our burdens Read more »

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