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Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

(posted by Jeanne on 5-20-2010)

There’s a story behind every recipe and this is mine. Pasta, vegetables and cheese are my absolute favorite things so one day I decided to throw them all together and make meatless lasagna. I roasted the vegetables starting with a whole lot of cherry tomatoes and garlic cloves tossed with olive oil and sea salt. I layered roasted tomatoes and garlic cloves throughout instead of red sauce which I made separately only to drizzle over the top. To add color Read more »

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Ritz Mushroom Dip

(posted by Jeanne on 11-11-2012)

Ritz Mushroom Dip

There’s a story behind every recipe and this is mine. My very own Ritz Mushroom Dip is an adapted version of the So Good Clam Dip: I’m the youngest of my siblings and third youngest in a big group of first cousins so if there’s one thing I can do… it’s adapt. Read more »


Celebration Tortellini Salad

(posted by Jeanne on 6-12-2012)

There’s a story behind every recipe and this is mine. Last week I was asked to bring a side dish to a graduation party, one that I hadn’t made in years. I had a vague recollection of it showing up years ago at every BBQ and Baby/Wedding Shower but couldn’t remember what all the hoopla was about.

I dusted off my recipe box and flipped through scraps and post-its until a stained and faded card caught my eye. “This is it.” I got so excited. “Now I remember. It’s colorfully delicious. Like a carnival concession stand or edible confetti. This pasta begs for a celebration. OMG.” Read more »


Applesauce Flax-Bran Bread

(posted by Jeanne on 11-05-2011)

Some say we cannot live by bread alone, but apparently those people never tasted this Applesauce Flax-Bran Bread. This hearty loaf is easy to make and boasts the perfect combination of Read more »


Jo Mike’s Spaghetti with Toasted Breadcrumbs

(posted by Jeanne on 10-25-2011)

Every recipe has a story and this is mine. Years ago our daughter took a container of leftover spaghetti to elementary school for lunch. She was happily twirling the strands, oil soaked and caked with toasted breadcrumbs, when Mrs. C asked Read more »

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ZipTip for Mailing Cookies… from Mike at UPS

(posted by Jeanne on 3-08-2011)

Last week when preparing a birthday package to send to Charlie, I baked an extra batch of cookies for my friends at the mailing center.  While we were filling in details to overnight the goods, Mike from UPS sampled a cookie and offered up this Wonder-ful advice: Read more »

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