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Charm School

(posted by Marianne on 7-20-2013)

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What better way to show your fashion flair and unique personality than with Eco-friendly, positive energy products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind and empower the spirit?  Alex & Ani is my newest infatuation with the core values that every individual has a positive message to share with the world, what’s yours?  Read more »

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Flat Fancy

(posted by Marianne on 4-17-2013)

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Officially obsessed, flat styles have taken over my closet and have eased me into the transition from cold weather to spring flowers!  With all the new styles, colors and textures available at discount to bargain prices – not to mention comfort – there is no excuse for the style obsessed to miss a step!   Read more »


Sunny Side Up!

(posted by Marianne on 2-26-2013)

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Spring is right around the corner and what better way to prepare for sunny days ahead then to jump right into bright fashions that will take you from winter to spring to summer in a hop, skip and a jump.  Neon and bright colors are back just in time to brighten up any look!   Read more »


Boot It Up!

(posted by Marianne on 1-25-2013)

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Well, it finally happened… the weather dropped, the snow arrived and the gloves are out.  The only thing keeping my spirits up this drab winter is my feet!  Whether grabbing for my wellies, Uggs, riding, moto or tall boots – I know I’ll at least feel fab while counting down the days until Spring!  Read more »

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Charmed I’m Sure…

(posted by Marianne on 12-06-2012)

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In my recent fashion “research”, I stumbled across a gem of a find called “Charming Charlie”.  This award-winning fashion accessories retailer had me at hello and offers a unique style that has been attracting fashionista’s alike since 2004.  So it was my mission to find a retailer in the area and was pleasantly surprised to learn that one was open in the new Ridge Hill Shopping Center in Westchester, NY.

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