Lil’ Miss Zip Connects…

What better way to show your fashion flair and unique personality than with Eco-friendly, positive energy products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind and empower the spirit?  Alex & Ani is my newest infatuation with the core values that every individual has a positive message to share with the world, what’s yours? 

Fashion is individuality, without one you cannot have the other.  Alex & Ani products inspire individualism and empower their customers to relish in what is unique and authentic while bringing balance and confidence to the end users.

Infused with positive energy, the core principles of the company go beyond holistic and include inspiration and empowerment.  Stacked or worn individually, making a statement is subtle while supporting domestic production and by reusing and recycling materials supporters of the product are helping to make the world a better place in mind and spirit… not to mention flair!


Offering bangles, necklaces, earrings and rings Alex & Ani is committed to donating back as well with proceeds from their Charities by Design* program ‘giving back’ to many organizations with unique designs that embodies the mission and reflects the beauty of each organization.


Moderate to high priced for all fashionistas, organic designs include vintage, whimsical, spiritual, religious and unique pieces to match every personality.  To date, LMZ has started her very own collection having been gifted with the Buddha (limitless power, good karma and wisdom) and stocking up with the Seven Swords (love for yourself), Shark Finn (fearlessness and confidence)* and Sacred Dove (peace, faith, grace and truth).  Mixing and matching precious metals and choosing between their signatures Russian Gold & Silver finishes, be adorned with beads and crystals, texture and stones that will only make the statement that much louder.


Meaningful gifts, spiritual energy, individual confidence… start your collection today – LMZ!!