Table Talk
It’s important that meal times be peaceful and a time of refuge. For this reason I discourage parents from bringing up difficult topics or criticizing one another at the table. This is no time to bring up failed tests, untidy rooms or other matters of concern. Meal times should be light and sweet. It’s the best insurance that our children and loved ones will come home and seek us out after a long, and possibly hard, day for this time of sharing and caring. It’s a great model to offer children in terms of a loving tradition and a time to celebrate one another.

We all need a safe haven where we can hang our hats, put up our feet and dare to be ourselves. It’s important that our homes and, in particular, our tables be a place of nourishment in mind, body and Spirit. We need to help fill up one another’s pots of Self-Esteem and make positive investments in our relationship bank accounts. Daily life inherently chips away (and makes withdrawals) on our sense of self and our relationships. Our only defense is an offense… a safe, reliable and validating time with our loved-ones at home.

Peace begins at home -Mother Teresa